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    So you are ready to buy a breastplate!  Yasss queen!  Now, you need to make an informative & thorough decision on which breastplate to buy.  This page will help you to determine which breastplate might be best suited for you and your needs.  Please keep in mind that these are our ways to help guide you to make an informative decision and does not in any way constitute a guarantee that you will like the fit, color, size etc... this is to be used as a guide and we are sure if used properly it will make your buying experience a more confident one.  We know this is a big investment for you and we want to make sure you get it right!


    Things to consider when buying a breastplate from us:

    What type of bust am I looking to gain.  Do I want a natural look to go with my body?  Do I want a bustier, more noticeable look?  Do I want to be the bustiest BITCH in the bar...!? So, figure this out first.. This should be easy.  Take into consideration if you wear hip pads etc... and if you want to stay true to your body shape and contour with pads or without pads.

         - You cannot just choose a size based on the bust you are trying to achieve.  Breastplates are built with other factors in mind like; width across the front of your chest,  length from the hollow of your neck (see exhibit below for example of the hollow of neck) to the bottom of where the breastplate stops, length from the hollow of your neck to the nipple line, and protrusion (aka bust).   


         - Now that you have taken a look at our diagram above, lets decide on a breastplate that is right for you.  Grab a piece of paper or something to write on... 

              1: Measure the base of your neck to determine your neck size.  Once you have your number (in inches), you will deduct an inch and that is the selection you will make.  For example when I measure my neck I get a 16".  I would then select 15" neck size for my breastplate.  Your breastplate has some give to it.  This will allow it to still be tight around your neck.  If you are are in the middle between inches round up and then go down an inch from there.

              2: Measure your chest from one side to the other as pictured above on the green line.  We are not concerned with your bra size etc... 

              3:  Measure from the hollow of your neck down to about where you would want the breastplate to stop.  If you are already looking at breastplates, you will notice if you scroll down on the breastplate selection, that we have all the measurements listed for you to compare your measurements with.

              4: Now that you have your measurements, let's take a look at the measurements for each plate we currently offer below.  You may fit one of these perfectly after reviewing your measurements or you may notice you don't really fit perfectly in any of these.. When you don't fit perfect, as long as you are within 2-3 inches on the width and about 1 inch on the length give or take, you should be fine.

    We hope you found this informative and helpful.  If after reading though this page you feel you still need assistance selecting a breastplate, please feel free to reach out to us via LiveChat, Facebook, Instagram, Phone, or Email!


    Elea's Closet