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    Shipping Policy: We are not responsible for inaccurate shipping information, we print exactly what you input in your account (Ship to Address) to guarantee 100% accuracy in shipping addresses, if we ship your item to the location desired and the package comes back undeliverable we are not responsible and you will be responsible for paying any additional shipping costs. Also, unless you specify to us at the time of check out that you wish to have insurance placed on your items we are shipping to you, after we deliver to the post office we are no longer responsible for your order. ALL of the orders that are shipped come with a tracking number to confirm proper and timely delivery of your package.
    Regular wait times: Please keep in mind all items on our store are hand made and we make them in the order in which we receive them. 
    - For jewelry orders usual wait time is 5-10 days 
    - For breastplate orders usual wait time is 1-2 weeks
    - For stone orders usual wait time is 1-3 days
    - For costumes and chain wigs usual wait time is 1-3 weeks. 
    If you place an order and the item is not currently in stock we will have to order this. Doing so may cause additional delay in you receiving your item/s purchased. If this should happen we will reach out to you via the email address that you processed your order with to inform you of this. You will have 48 hours from the date of the email to reply back if you are wishing to cancel. After this it will be treated as a custom order and all custom orders are FINAL. All orders shipped come with delivery confirmation and you may choose to add insurance to your order. Once your order is shipped Elea's Closet is no longer liable for your package.
    Our website attracts a lot of fraud due to the nature of what we sell and who we sell it to. For this reason we have implemented a process that assists in reducing and preventing fraudulent orders being placed on our website. below is a list of items we require when the billing and shipping is different along with an email you should expect to receive from us when you place an order and the billing and shipping address do not match. If you do not wish to do this we can always update your shipping address to the billing address you have provided and ship there without any of these items.
    1. Copy of the biller's ID (you may black out your dl number for your security)
    2. Copy of the biller's credit card used to process the payment (you may black out the card number minus the last four digits for your security)
    Email Letter:
    We have received your order and require some additional information before we can complete and ship your order. Because your billing and shipping address are different our merchant gateway provider requires us to maintain for our records a copy of the billers ID and a copy of the card used to process payment. For your protection we recommend you black out your dl number as well as the card number minus the last for digits so we can verify the card.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You may reply to this email with the needed information. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us immediately as your order cannot be processed without this information.
    We look forward to serving you!