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    Elea's Closet            

    Where a Drag Queen is born every day......

    Thank you so much for visiting our site! We started Elea's Closet back in 2009. When we started, we offered a very small selection of merchandise and our web services were very limited. Today we have shipped all over the world from Australia & Japan to Germany & Israel! We take great pride in knowing that we are trusted by customers all around the world. Today we offer state of the art web services, offering many convenient and seamless ways to check, review, and track your order! When you check out, you can confidently know your personal information is safe, as our website is SSL secure. We offer a mobile version for the customers who are always on the go. If you prefer, you can browse our website and checkout via your mobile device! A couple principles that have helped make us what we are today are:

    Service... We make sure 100% of our customer interactions are positive and friendly. We do our very best to provide you with the merchandise that you are looking for, and help make the process seamless. We are available to answer any questions you may have and return any emails or phones calls promptly. When our customers want something not listed here, we take the time to customize their order to come up with a one of a kind item!

    Quality & Price... Why should you have to choose between quality and price? That's why we offer the best priced silicone breastplates on the market. We also take great pride in offering some of the most competitive prices with our jewelry. That being said, we stand behind all of our products 100% with a one year warranty on our breast plates and a one year warranty on our jewelry! No one else in the business offers this! Click Here to view warranty details. We personally make every single item you see on our website, and take great pride in processing your order(s) swiftly!

    We always look for ways to improve our website. If you ever have a suggestion or questions, please email us. You can also submit custom orders for jewelry by clicking here. Again, if you don't see what you are looking for, please email us and we will customize your order, or help refer you to someone who can assist if we cannot.

    Our mission is to provide the best quality products at the best prices.