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    When you agree to Elea's Closet LLC Raffle Terms & Conditions you agree to the following:  Any and all money paid towards a raffle ticket is non-refundable and there are no refunds at all.  This includes if you do not win the raffle drawing.  Elea's Closet reserves the right to move or change the date of the raffle with or without notice.  When Elea's Closet holds the raffle we will do it live on Social Media and advertise when and where this will happen.  We will have the raffle drawing within approximately 60 days from the initial start date of the raffle.  Elea's Closet will use an automated name picking system to generate the winner like:  https://namepickerninja.com/ OR https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/ to generate the winner.  

    If the winner does not wish to receive a breastplate, we will provide a gift card to Elea's Closet that can be used towards any purchase or purchases for the full amount of the gift card.  The Gift Card may be valued up to $650.00 this will be determined based on the number of tickets we have sold.

    This winner will have to post to their social media that they won the raffle.  This will ensure fairness and allow all that participated to see that their was a winner.  When we call off the winner on Facebook Live, we will state the winners name.  We will state their full first name and the first initial of their last name.  This will be followed by an email to the winner with additional information. 

    Elea's Closet reserves the right to make changes to our Raffle Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.

    If you still have questions about the raffle process that you need answered feel free to email us at Elea@eleascloset.com