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    There are 100+ fabric options we have in stock.  If you do not see what you want please click HERE and fill out out custom design form and we will find the fabric that is perfect for your vision! Also, if you have your own fabric, you can send that to us and we will be happy to make your design out of your own fabric.


    MonoChrome Sequin: (Additional $20.00 per yard)

    Sequin Fabric Options:  (Additional $15.00 per yard)

    Sequin Fabric Options: (Additional $17.00 per yard)

    Premium Fabric Options: (Additional $35.00 per yard)

    Payette Fabric Options: (Additional $20.00 per yard)

    Pattern Sequin: (Additional $20.00 per yard)

    Standard Fabric Options: These fabric options come at no additional charge. *anything over a size 20 would be additional as we would need additional fabric.


    Velvet Fabric Options: (Additional $4.00 per yard)

    Neoprene Fabric Options: (Additional $12.00 per yard)

    Cover-up Fabric Options: (Additional $12.00 per yard)

    Pho Fur Options: (Additional $30.00 per yard)