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    Velcro Repair Kit Instructions:
    - Inside the box: 1 part A, 1 part B, 2 pieces of Velcro, 2 stir sticks, sewing thread, 1 sewing needle

    You will clean your place and pull off all existing Velcro and debris. Clean your plate with rubbing alcohol and dry it to prepare it for the new Velcro. Pull out your Velcro and cut it to your desired length. You will Take part A and Part B and mix the 2 together for approximately 60 seconds. Apply generously this mix to both sides of the neck strap where you will be placing the Velcro. When placing the Velcro, ensure the hard piece of the Velcro is facing up and the soft piece of the Velcro is facing down. Place on top of the neck strap where you want the Velcro to stay. This should be the same area that you applied the silicone to your plate. Place something heavy on it to hold it in place while drying so it does not move. Let sit for 4 hours. After removing the heavy object you are ready to sew the thread to add additional security to your Velcro. Sew the Velcro in a square pattern and leave at least 1 inch between sewing holes so the plate does not tear through. After sewing the plate ensure you tie it off. You are finished.

    We do not recommend repairing your plate on your own. If you are not familiar with silicone, sewing etc... this is not something you want to do yourself as it could damage the plate further. By doing the repair on your own you understand that this voids the warranty on your plate as we cannot stand behind the work you have done to your plate. If you are uncomfortable with doing the repair on your own we recommend mailing the plate back for the repair. If you would like to order a repair kit please contact us via email.
    How to Clean your Breast Plate:
    If your breast plate is in need of cleaning, we recommend using warm water and soap and gently wash your plate. Let air dry for a couple of hours. If their is debris on the front of your plate you may also use duck tape like a lent roller to remove this debris. We receommend cleaning your breast plate once a month.