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    All About the tatas!

    Breastplate Care

    Breastplate Care

    This is a blog where you can ask questions and we can help you to care for your breastplate.  We will go over basic care instructions and things to be careful with to help maintain and keep your breastplate safe and in good condition!

     - Always store in the bag we send you.  This will prevent your breastplate from potentially absorbing colors from fabrics while in transit etc...

    - Keeping your breastplate in a hot place like your trunk in the middle of summer could damage your plate.  Keeping in a really cold place like your trunk in the middle of winter can also damage your plate.  We recommend that you keep your breastplate in a normal room temperate of around 68 to 74 degrees.

    - Your breastplate can absorb fabric colors even when wearing the breastplate.  We have found that this is greatly reduced by washing your garments before the initial wearing of them.  If you cannot machine wash them you may want to consider other methods for cleaning the costume prior to wearing with your breastplate such as hand washing or dry cleaning.  This can remove loose fabric colors from your costume that could rub off or absorb onto your breastplate.

    -WASHING Your breastplate: We recommend cleaning your breastplate after each use IF you have applied makeup to them.  You especially want to wash them after applying makeup if the makeup is silicone based as this can eat away at your breastplate over time causing it to deteriorate. To clean your breastplate you simply use a rag and rubbing alcohol.  If your breastplate begins to obtain an odor from sweat etc... you can clean this by using warm water and soap.  Make sure to lightly wash the back by hand with soap and the water.

    - Sometimes over time your breastplate could get a hairline fracture (the backing or the silicone) around the neck strap.  We can repair this (for free if your inside your 1 year warranty) for little to no cost depending on how long you have had your breastplate.  Waiting to have this tended to could render your breastplate ruined so, please do not wear your plate any more at the first sign of a hairline tear either on the front or back of your breastplate.  If you do it will void your warranty if you are still within your warranty.  

    - IF your nipples start to rub off and you would like them to be redone this is a simple task that cost little to nothing depending on if you are still within your warranty.  Please click the "Contact us" at the bottom right of our website and we will help your with this repair.

    - IF your Velcro starts to get loose, this can be repaired for little to no cost depending on if your still within warranty.  You can contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right of our website and we will help you with this repair as well.

    Definitely check this page out if you are about to buy!  "How to Pick My Plate"

    ***Recommendations: IF you know you sweat a lot, or in hot summer months we strongly encourage you to use baby powder or an equivalent to reduce the sweat that is picked up onto the back of your plate.  This will reduce the need for cleaning as often and it will reduce/prevent smells that come from sweating onto your breastplate.  Even if you are not a heavy sweater we would recommend doing this.